Why use BIDSHandler?

BIDSHandler is designed to be able to load in any BIDS-compatible folder and allow you to organise the data within. Merging in externally converted BIDS data into an archive can be a tedious precess but with BIDSHandler it requires only a few lines of code! BIDSHandler also allows you to query your database of BIDS data and easily find the particular scan/session/subject/project you are looking for, making it simple to find a specific entry in huge databases.


BIDSHandler requires only one dependency which can be easily installed using pip:

$ pip install pandas

To install BIDSHandler you can then enter in a terminal:

$ pip install BIDSHandler

Entering import bidshandler in a python console should not raise an error which indicates that BIDSHandler has been installed correctly.

Basic Usage

BIDSHandler has 5 primary objects; BIDSTree, Project, Subject, Session and Scan, corresponding to different levels within a BIDS archive folder structure. Generally data will be loaded into a BIDSTree object and the child objects are automatically generated. From there it is easy to query and manipulate the BIDS data.

>>> import bidshandler as bh
>>> tree = bh.BIDSTree('folder')
>>> print(tree.projects)
>>> # list of Project objects contained in the BIDSTree
>>> print(tree.subjects)
>>> # list of Subject objects contained in the BIDSTree
>>> # etc.